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School librarians identify and nurture relationships in order to collaboratively solve instructional challenges in their schools. Using AASL’s “collaboration” definition (2016), participants will engage in a series of hands-on activities framed by AASL’s “Think, Create, Share, and Grow” themes.


Collaboration definition: "working with a member of the teaching team to plan, implement, and evaluate a specialized instructional plan.”

From Position Statement: Definition for Effective School Library Program (AASL 2016)



After building a shared understanding of systems thinking, AASL’s “collaboration” definition, and social capital, we will work in partners to complete a Force Field Analysis of internal and external driving and restraining forces that influence our instructional roles. You will discuss your findings with another team and post your results on a shared Padlet.com board.


Identify your contributions with one or more team member's Twitter handle(s).







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